A Look in the Life of a HwanHye Shipper

To start with, for the sake of the few individuals who do not know anything about Lie to Me, let me define a few words and acronyms that you will encounter in this post.

  • LTM stands for Lie to Me
  • H2O stand for HwanHye Obsess
  • OTP stands for One True Pair
  • HwanHye stands for Kang Ji-Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye
  • HSI stands for HwanHye Secret Investigation
  • BTS stands for Behind the Scenes

First, what makes you a true bloodied HwanHye Shipper?

Lie To Me : Why Do I love Thee?

There are certain things I want to share about my favorite Lie to Me (LTM for short). I love this drama so much that this will be the first time that I'll be doing multiple post of just one topic, and definitely the next few days will be an LTM day for me. How I wish all my LTM chingus will find their way here in my paradise and leave words to express how much they love LTM.

  • First, and definitely the very first reason why I watched it : Kang Ji-Hwan (my virtual husband :D ) and Yoon Eun Hye ( my lovable princess of all time) are the lead actors. What more can I ask for, two of the most beautiful faces in k-ent much more to say, two of the best artist as well.
  • Second, I love rom-com, I would rather laugh my heart out than cry. This drama got the most romantic scenes and lines a hopeless romantic person would love to see but won't bore you to death since a good laugh comes next.
  • Third, I love love and this kdrama definitely has it. All LTM chingus knows that and will certainly agree to that.
  • Fourth, I don't like to watch dramas with so much complications. I watched kdramas to entertain myself and not the other way around. I'm sick and tired of dramas which are just good to watch during its premier but as time progresses new characters will show up, new complication comes, and at the end the plot is just simply annoying already.
  • Fifth, I got to find new online friends both abroad and here in the Philippines. I was surprised when an ordinary day of lurking on my favorite playground turned to be memorable when I get to meet fellow kababayans lurking there as well. Some of them were regular playmates there but I never knew we came from the same country until Philippines was mentioned, and boy!!! the first count was a dozen and keeps on rising till this very minute that I was roaming around the playground.
There are still alot of reason that comes to mind but all those top 5 basic reasons were basically written above. To treat you all with a cheesy time..here is my favorite part of LTM in its last episode ..more of these will come on the remaining LTM days to come .. :D

*sob* *sob* I miss HwanHye so much already.

Cr: SBS for the photos and RomanceTown1 for the video

Kang Ji-Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye Addiction

Okay, I admit it..I'm writing this post because I'm happy and I'm sad..And I'm into the withdrawal syndrome right now, that's what we LTM addicts are trying to do since the end of this drama is fast approaching...so sad, that this is my first time I want the days to be longggerrrr, so that it won't be Tuesday yet although I'm dying to know how this drama will end, totally opposite when LTM was still in the middle of the series...

Why do I felt sad?


There have been talk about legalizing divorce in the Philippines for quiet a long time already. I must say that it's pretty alarming and annoying already. Filipinos are known for being religious, although being religious is different from being godly, thankfully we can use this word to refer every action we make with what God permits or not. We live in a country where religion and state is often into conflicts in whatever issues every now and then, but basically when religion has its say, government official has to stop and listen, whether we accept this or not, mostly, the "spiritual" side wins. CBCP is truly against this, and once again this is another fight between religious sector and the government sector after RH Bill.

Tinago Falls Featured in KC-Sam Movie "Forever and a Day"

Tinago Falls
When I saw the teaser of the up coming movie " Forever and a Day" starred by KC Concepcion and Sam Milby, first thing I said was "hmmm ..was that Tinago Falls?". It was not until I browse through YouTube that I saw the BTS of the film. My second reaction? "Thanks to Star Cinema!" ..

Dahilayan Adventure Park
I mean hey, it's not everyday that people outside Mindanao get the chance to see the "other side" of our place.

11 Long Years

Today marks the 11th year since my mother passed away. For all these years, I could only count to my fingers the times I have visited her, even today I didn't go and pay her a visit. It's not that I don't remember her anymore but the main reason why I hate to go there is because I hate to face the fact that she's already gone. Even when I dream of her, she's very much alive just like what she was 11 years ago.

Jang Geun Suk as Suntory Makkoli Endorser for Japan

My loves (ehem!) Jang Geun Suk released his newest CF for Suntory Makkoli in Japan. The CF also showcased his single "Bye Bye Bye". Sukkie  was supposed to be launched in Japan but due to the earthquake and killer tsunami that struck the country, the plan was postponed.

In the CF, Sukkie was demonstrating how to drink makgeoli (Korean wine) "in a delicious way".